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Pots and Containers

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Pro Cal Premium Nursery Pot

1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 15 and 20 gal

These are the best quality pots available anywhere! Super thick, strong and durable, because they’re injection molded—not “blow molded” like most traditional nursery pots. These premium pots feature a grip lip for comfortable carrying and are proudly made in the USA.


Dirt Pot Flexible Portable Planter

1, 2 and 3 gal (no handle) and 5, 7, 10 and 15 gal with handle

Hydrofarm's Grey Dirt Pots offer value and versatility for outdoor use or as part of hydroponic growing systems. Featuring porous breathable fabric that is made from 100% recycled water bottles, these planters allow your plants to thrive by promoting exceptional root health and vigorous plant growth. The soft-sided construction allows the planter to conform to your terrain, making it the perfect choice for all growing areas. Grey Dirt Pots are stronger than similar products, with reinforced seams and stitching. They are non-degradable, so they will hold up for multiple growing seasons.​

  • Sturdy reinforced handles make moving the planters easy (handles not available on 1, 2, and 3 gallon sizes)

  • No root circling

  • Breathable fabric means superior drainage and aeration

  • Manages plant temperatures, keeping plants cooler in summer 

  • Washable and durable—can be used season after season

  • BPA-free

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Gro Pro® Premium Round Fabric Pots - Black

1, 2, and 3 gal (no handle) and 5 and 7 gal with handle


The Gro Pro® Premium Round Fabric Pots are constructed from high-quality non-woven fabric that now include easy-to-use handles. This fabric provides great support, while allowing air to travel into the root system. Gro Pro® Premium Round Fabric Pots feature breathable fabric allowing for faster plant growth through better access to oxygen. Air flow prunes the root structure for a healthier and happier plant. Gro Pro® Premium Round Fabric Pots will not trap water, which can help prevent overwatering of plants. Also keeps your roots cool in the heat. These premium fabric pots are made from 270 gram weight material for maximum durability and longevity.


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Hydrofarm Net Cup

2", 3", 3.75" and 5"

Grow like a pro with Hydrofarm's net cups, mesh pots, and baskets. A wide assortment of sizes and mesh patterns make it easy to choose the best container for all your plants. Use these pots with any of your favorite growing media to ensure even drainage and promote bigger, healthier roots!

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General Hydroponics® Net Cups

3" and 6" 

Made for use in a variety of different hydroponic or aeroponic systems. Works great with Hydroton®. 

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Gro Pro® NX Level® Pot Elevators

13", 16", 18.5", 21" and 26.5"

Gro Pro® NX Level® Plant Elevators are specially designed to help raise your fabric or plastic pot out of the bottom of a saucer. This elevates the pot out of potential excess water that gathers in the saucers. This can be crucial in preventing root rot, mold issues and helps extend the longevity of your fabric or plastic pot.

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Green Premium Saucer

These sturdy and reusable green saucers come in various sizes to match most pots. Use them to collect excess water drainage and soil spillage. Implementing saucers into your growing program helps keep plants moist longer and maintains a cleaner garden.


  • Ribbed bottom keeps plant out of water and prevents plant from sticking to saucer

  • Checking water levels is a snap

  • Sturdy, rugged, and reusable

  • Protects floors and decks from water

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